Vehicle Inspection

Inspection packages available:

SW2 Heritage Cars Full Visual Inspection:
  • Full cosmetic inspection, including paintwork, trim, glass, wheels, interior, accessories, etc.
  • Full visual mechanical inspection, including engine bay, underbody, electricals, rubber trim corrosion, tire life, etc.
    • Please note that a full underbody inspection is subject to a lift being available at the inspection location.
  • Check for any leaks, evidence of accidents, missing components, evidence of sub-optimal mechanical work, etc.
  • Check for free & clear title, books, service history, paperwork, etc.
  • Signed & dated inspection report with all information found included.
Pricing is $399.00 in the Southern California area. Prices outside this area are negotiable based on travel costs. Inspection cost is waived for all sales that result in a consultation fee paid to SW2 Heritage Cars (see Buyer’s Consultation and Seller’s Consultation).

SW2 Heritage Cars Full Visual Inspection + Full Mechanical Inspection:
  • All the services included in the SW2 Heritage Cars Full Visual Inspection listed above, plus the following.
  • SW2 Heritage Cars will coordinate with a local service specialist on the model in question to inspect & establish the car’s full mechanical condition to the extent that the client wishes.
  • Examples of mechanical services available include compression check, valve inspection, laboratory oil analysis, etc.
  • Signed & dated inspection reports with all information found included.
Price is dependent on car model & extent of mechanical inspection. Please contact for pricing.