Seller’s Consultation

SW2 Heritage Cars offers the following services to assist sellers in the sale of cars:

  • Locating a suitable buyer who meets the seller’s terms.
  • Facilitating negotiation.
  • Recommendations on how to present a car for best results.
  • Market research & appraisal to establish current value.
  • Inspection to establish current condition.
  • Restoration, refurbishment, & high-level detailing recommendations.
  • Photography resources & recommendations.
SW2 Heritage Cars’ consultancy fee is generally 4% of the value of the deal.

SW2 Heritage Cars does not operate as a traditional auto dealer when consultation services are requested, and accordingly is not responsible for the reporting of sales, transfers of titles, registration and any resulting fees/taxes. The aforementioned are the sole responsibility of the selling and/or buying party. SW2 Heritage Cars does not assume any liability in these transactions for same in its role restricted to a consultancy.