Our Mission

Founded in 2016, SW2 Heritage Cars focuses on the sale and facilitation of factory original, unmodified, low-mileage Japanese sports cars.


Why the term “heritage”?

We chose the word heritage because the cars we specialize in are often too new to be considered classics, but too old to be considered, well, new. These heritage cars are the future classics, the icons of a generation that combined technology with old-school mechanical charm. These are cars that have a special heritage regardless of age, a lineage and storyline that makes enthusiasts go weak at the knees. We supply heritage cars, and if you’re looking for the finest examples, you’ve found the right place.

Behind The Cars

Sterling Sackey

Sterling Sackey

Founder & President

Sterling Sackey started SW2 Heritage Cars in 2016. Sterling's reverence for the generation of cars he grew up with inspired him to form a place where he can satiate his passion for locating and making known the finest of these cars available today.